May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Advice

My Mother in Rialto with Mitzi the cat
I had earned enough money one summer to buy a 35mm camera. A huge can of outdated 35 mm B&W movie film was procured from the Norton AFB DRMO. I got an old darkroom kit from a garage sale and became what used to be called a shutterbug. The little feeder took pictures by the thousands.

As I recall, I said something to my Mother to get her to pose. It might have been "I'm going to shave rings on the cat's tail, Mom!" and it got her to clutch the cat protectively. I found the scratched up old negative a couple years ago after my Dad got a film scanner and made this print.

My Mom is gone now. I miss her, especially on days like this. But it is worse than that. I wasn't on good terms with my Mother when she died, and as long as I live I will regret it.

So, here is my Mother's Day advice: if you and your Mother are at odds about anything, fix it now. I don't care what's wrong between you. Do whatever you must, but don't go to sleep tonight without at least trying to put things right. You may never get another chance.

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