June 08, 2007

Accused Child Rapist John Monetti: Suppress Evidence?

John Monetti - Internet Predator
A June 25th trial date has been set for former Long Island, New York elementary school teacher and administrator John Monetti. He is in jail here in Nebraska, charged in federal court with meeting an underage Blair, Nebraska girl on the internets, then traveling repeatedly to Nebraska to meet the girl for sex. You may read the unpleasant details in these previous Plains Feeder posts.

Today, Kay, our reader in Blair, tips us to a new story by Washington County Pilot-Tribune reporter Jim Brazda. Jim notes that Mr. Monetti's lawyer, Carlos Monzon, has moved to suppress most of the evidence against his client. The claim is, as always, that the searches of Monetti's rented car and motel room after he was caught with the girl unreasonably violated the pervert's Constitutional right to privacy. (N.B. The Bill of Rights never mentions privacy, but activist judges have invented the notion out of the Fourth Amendment.)

I don't give this motion any chance at all; but at least Monetti won't be able to whine after his conviction that he was poorly represented. Mr. Monzon enjoys an excellent reputation here, and will touch all the bases. I'd like to think that once he's found guilty, he won't be getting out on appeal.
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