August 24, 2007

Fidel Castro Dead Again

Wait, I have one more speech...
Val Prieto at Babalu blog says he hears that Castro has finally left the island.

Dead from free medical care? Dead from the combined animus of thousands of freedom-loving people everywhere? Dead from a malfunctioning a-hole? Dead from his own poison juices? Dead from being overdue in Hell? Whatever Castro is dead from this time, I just hope he stays dead.
Breaking: Hugo Chavez will take over the revolution in Cuba. From Blackfive: "This will undoubtedly be the biggest scoop ever, unless it isn't."
Update: The Iranian press has Castro feeling much better in spite of dying several times.
Final: Babalu bursts the bubble. It was fun while it lasted. Sort of a warm-up for the real thing. Like a drill.

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