August 26, 2007

Greek Fires - Political Arson or Terrorism?

Greece: forest fires seen from space
Today this quote appears in numerous stories about the forest fires in southern Greece: Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis said, "So many fires sparked simultaneously in so many places is no coincidence". Who would do such a thing? George Bush? Islamo-fascists? Turks? Atlas Shrugs has some compelling evidence of terrorism.

In Moldova, the folks seem pretty sure it is Greeks that are setting their own country on fire for political reasons. I was in Athens for a hotly contested election in the 80's. Mobs were whacking each other on the head with theirs signs, carloads of shouting lunatics were speeding all over the city. There were a couple of bars firebombed. Cradle of Democracy, my itchy, red ass.

As Peter Arnett said, "sometimes you just have to destroy the village to save it."
Update: Euro-dhimmis are blaming the fires on Capitalist greed. From Germany's Spiegel: How Arson Leads to Profits in Athens. If only the trees could vote, the article laments. Coming soon: the Vegetable Caucus.

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