September 08, 2007

Cop a laugh

Bush considers Osama's invitation to convert
Certainly you have carefully parsed Osama (Usama) bin Laden's newest video release. You know, the one where he invites Americans to "embrace Islam" to escape taxation. Now read about this most disturbing reaction from President Bush.
U.S. President George [Bush] said he would “seriously consider the offer, because it sure would simplify the war in Iraq.”
The president added that he might convert to Islam just to “find out what it’s like to be a man who wears a dress and a bonnet and dyes his hair like a girl.”
From ScrappleFace, where Scott Ott always has the hottest news releases.
Update: Keith Olbermann revealed as al-Qaeda speech writer. Olbermann, the MSNBC Countdown to the Caliphate host was clearly the author of this latest Osama bin Laden tape. John Gibson, on his Fox radio show, demonstrates the obvious Olbermann touch in this week's message from Osama. The Gateway Pundit is where I saw this revelation. How many other al Qaeda Mohammedan Jihadists have infiltrated the US news media? As if having communists hiding under my bed wasn't enough.

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