September 07, 2007

Hsu's Payroll - See any names you know?

ChiCom Payroll
Suitably Flip has the graphic details on the money spread by creepy Chinese racketeer Norman Hsu among Democrats. I noted some names from near the feedlot, and highlighted them on the SF graph above. The fact that America hater Al Franken got some Hsu money doesn't surprise me, but what did our own Marlboro Man Scott Kleeb do to get a Chinese payoff?
Another Hsu Drops: Leavenworth Street: Nebraska's Viet-Nam bad-ass Bob Kerrey isn't a candidate, but his financial connections with the wretched Norman Hsu make you wonder. Some lefties think Footbridge Bob should run for something. See: Nebraska Needs You Back, Mr. Kerrey, in the Huffington Post. It was written by wacky Chuck Lippstreu, who also writes for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln college newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan. Not all Daily Nebraskan writers are as collegiate as Chuck. This opinion piece by Dan Halverson on gun laws will make you smile again.
Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin rates fourth in overall take from Norman Hsu & friends. Harkin says he will give the part he got from Hsu to charity, but will be keeping the $46,000 that was delivered by Hsu's bag men. Tom Harkin doesn't even bother to keep up the appearance of propriety any longer. Such a Lord of the People, Tom Harkin is: his fiefdom is secure, his serfs docile, his vassals prosper, his renown grows. He's got a nice branch castle in the Bahamas, too.

Iowans can be proud that their Senator rates higher with the Chinese communists than Teddy Kennedy or Barack Obama.
Addendum: Check out the G-Man's A Stroll Down Memory Lane for a review of Red China's odious relationship with the US liberals and the Democrat party. His analysis connects some dots the old feeder hadn't considered.
Update: More Hsu money schemes revealed. From Hot Air. When all of Hsu's transfers to his bag men are uncovered, the list if US officials on the take from the Chinese is certain to grow.
Last Laugh: Now Hillary is going to 'give back' $850,000 she got from Hsu and his pals. Criminal background checks for donors? Someone ought to do a criminal background check on Hillary.

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