September 27, 2007

Norman Hsu stinks up Bob Kerrey's Senate plans

Former Nebraska Governor, Senator, Presidential wannabe, lesbian joke teller, New York City society gadfly, capitalist oppressor, secret warrior, current President of New York's wack-o New School and Medal of Honor recipient Bob Kerrey's relationship with Norman Hsu is in the news again. Kerry is considering a run for the Senate seat that proved too confining for retiring incumbent 'Maverick' (read: RINO) Chuck Hagel. I saw it at The Politico.

Most of the Democrats that took money from Mr. Hsu proved to be fair weather friends. Feigning surprise, they scrambled to make it look like they were giving the money all back. But Kerrey's connections to Hsu run deeper than mere illegal campaign money. It will be harder for Bob to scrape the Hsu off his shoes. From Josh Kraushaar at The Politico:
“Bob Kerrey was not only a receiver of contributions [to the New School], he actively recruited [Hsu] to the New School,” said National Republican Senatorial Committee spokeswoman Rebecca Fisher. “Nebraskans need to be aware of that.”

Kerrey’s recruitment of Hsu came several years ago when Hsu was known as a prominent Democratic donor in New York fundraising circles.

In addition to serving on the school’s Board of Trustees, he donated money intended for a school scholarship.

Since Hsu’s arrest, Democratic politicians have distanced themselves from Hsu, and most have returned donations received from him. Clinton’s presidential campaign returned $850,000 in Hsu-connected campaign donations.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee returned $43,700 in donations directly from Hsu.

But Kerrey’s ties to Hsu could prove to be a unique distraction. Unlike other Democrats who simply accepted Hsu’s money, Kerrey had a personal relationship with him.

Kerrey also was one of the last public figures to openly praise Hsu before his recent downfall.
Kerrey's response so far: “I don’t know what is going on in his mind,” Mr. Kerrey said. “I thought that I knew him, but obviously I didn’t.” Tip of the straw hat to Leavenworth Street.

Sure Bob. Keep scraping, it still stinks.
Update: Tom Becka of KFAB radio just interrupted his entertaining impressions of frog fart noises and review of school lunch menus to announce that the AP has reported Hal Daub will end his short campaign for Hagel's Senate seat. Thats OK, a little Daub will do ya.

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