October 29, 2007

National Health Perils - HillaryCare Preview

We've decided to let you go.
National Health nurses in the UK are getting the power of life and death over their charges. Thats right, if your free National Health nurse thinks keeping you alive won't pay off, they can decide to snuff you out. I thought this euthanasia business was limited to places inhabited by self-loathing idiots like Holland.

The Democrats and their presidential candidates think your relationship with your medical doctor ought to be the business of the nanny state. Conservatives point out that any form of national health scheme the liberals posit will be nothing more than socialized medicine. Nobody wants socialized medicine, of course. At least not overtly, (with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton's Marxist health care plans.)

Sure, health care will be free. But it is inevitable that the quality and availability of health care will suffer in proportion to the amount of government involvement. Look at Cuba, Canada, Venezuela, and the UK. If you fall ill in any of these places, you will get a bureaucracy instead of real health care. With free medical care for all, we abrogate our responsibility for our own well-being. John Edwards wants mandatory physical checkups. Eventually they will come to your house to ensure that you floss, eat 'right' and don't smoke.

Lousy health care, inadequate facilities, long waiting lists and uninspired doctors aren't all we will get with HillaryCare or any of its ugly sisters. If we go the socialist route in health care, ultimately we will be letting the state decide who lives and dies. The results are horrifying.
Mr. Gustan, we don't think we can cure you enough to get you back paying taxes again, so...
Seriously, I don't think my health care is properly within the purvey of government at all. Not for any reason. There needn't be a "health care system" at all as far as I'm concerned. Sadly, that train left the station long ago, so if you like more analysis and less rant see: Sicko in Europe at Another Rovian Conspiracy, and Michelle Malkin's treatment of the same gneral topic. Warning: both these links could cause you to form a mental image of Michael Moore.

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