October 24, 2007

Islamo-Fascism (Mohammedan Jihad) Wariness Week

The Sword of Islam: Submit or Die
The old feeder is not a big fan of "awareness" weeks or months. We ought to be aware of such important matters 24/7/365. Be that as it may, this week has been designated Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. I saw it first at Michelle Malkin's blog, which directed me to instigator David Horowitz's Terrorism Awareness page. Are you aware yet? If you aren't aware of the horrors the Jihad holds for your future by now, you may as well convert to Mohammedanism today.
I wish there was agreement on whether or not to hyphenate Islamofascism to read Islamo-Fascism. Even Horowitz spells it both ways on his page. I can also quibble with the use of fascist as a modifier in this modern moniker for Mohammedan Jihad. The old feeder lived for many years in an overtly fascist state, Generalissimo Francisco Franco's Spain.

While many cats (mostly commies) chafed under Franco's Nazi Fuhrer-like dictatorship, many of us had a great time of it. Music and religion weren't banned, the ladies weren't bagged and cloistered, you could drink and party until the sun came up every day and we enjoyed more personal freedom than was common in the world of the 1950's. Except for the USA, of course, which stood as a shining beacon of personal liberty back then. As usual, the well-connected prospered and everyone else got by the best they could. Unlike Hitler, Franco didn't try to eat his neighbors, but he was an ideological fascist through and through.

Living in fascist Spain was nothing at all like life in a strict Mohammedan state. I have seen them both, and would prefer Franco to the Mullahs any day. I'm going to keep calling the enemy Mohammedan Jihadists. Calling them fascists is letting these fanatical murderers off easy.
A fun way to observe Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week: get some of these stickers to put on the backs of unsuspecting Mohammedans you see downtown. Get ready for some real awareness.
Don't be afraid to confront those who would support or apologize for Mohammedan Jihadists.
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