October 24, 2007

Amnesty Zombie Rises Again

It won't stay dead!
Stop the Democrats (and a few renegade RINOs like Senator Hagel of Nebraska) from ramming Amensty For Illegals down our throats TODAY. Call or fax your Senator. Tell them you aren't fooled by their procedural shenanigans.

Here is the message I faxed to Senator Hagel this morning:
Amnesty is amnesty. We don't want it. I'm embarrassed that you continue to act against the wishes and best interests of your constituents here in Nebraska now that you know you couldn't get elected dog catcher in this state today. Stop using the power that our votes gave you to pass laws we don't want.
Please, get on the phone, use NumbersUSA to send free faxes, or send an e-mail to your Senators now. Don't let them run amok with the power your votes gave them. Lets drive a stake through the amnesty zombie's heart.
Updated: The zombie is sent back to its grave. Watch out, it will be back again.

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