November 20, 2007

Father of Kelsey Peterson's 8 yr. old daughter gets custody

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about Kelsey and Fernando.

Kelsey Peterson, the 25-year-old Nebraska teacher that fled to Mexico with her 13-year-old student paramour, Fernando, has an 8-year-old daughter. Now that Kelsey is in custody facing serious criminal charges resulting from her affair with Fernando, her biological father has sought and won custody of their daughter.

Apparently, Fernando was only 5 years older than Kelsey's daughter when the two began their illegal relationship.

Get all the details here at the World Herald, or better yet, from the Kearney Hub.
This story is nastier than rat milk: Psycho for Love highlights the lurid details. Grandma and grandpa were caring for the daughter while Kelsey was statutorily raping, as it were, little Fernando. Were they enablers or unwitting dupes?
Updated: 11/21/07 - Kelsey wants her daughter to be kept in the custody of her parents. Why not? They did such a good job raising Kelsey. Seems that biological dad isn't a bad sort, but is a responsible, employed adult. Best interest of the child is the rule in these cases. Too often, that boils down to which of the contenders is the wealthiest. Wealth, as should be obvious to anyone, does not guarantee a good start in life.
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