November 13, 2007

Kelsey Peterson & Fernando: revolting development

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Kelsey Peterson
High-profile Omaha criminal defense attorney, James Martin Davis, will be representing Kelsey Peterson. She is the Lexington, Nebraska teacher that ran away to Mexico with her underage illegal immigrant student. When she gets back here for trial, Mr. Davis will give her a vigorous defense. Davis has defended all manner of distasteful wretches. He's good at it. I think he enjoys his work and sleeps soundly at night. I wonder who will be footing the bill?

Expect James Davis to go after the victim. He used this tactic effectively to defend lawsuits filed against Boys Town alleging priest sex abuse. When Mr. Davis finishes his closing argument, at least one juror will blame little Fernando for debauching and waylaying poor, innocent Kelsey.

Now for the revolting development part. From KDUH/KOTA:
The boy is an illegal immigrant, but a new government visa program enacted just a week before his abduction could make him eligible to return to this country.

Under the program, illegal immigrants that are crime victims could live in the US for up to four years and eventually apply for permanent resident status.

It would also extend temporary residency to his parents and his unmarried siblings under 18.
Little Fernando might be returning to the land of opportunity real soon. Thanks to some back door to America program I've never heard of before. Amnesty for illegal aliens has been creeping up on us while we slept. Or perhaps it was while we were distracted by our lawmakers' blatant efforts to ram blanket Amnesty down our throats.
Revolting Update: Nebraska's Senator Chuck 'Amnesty Now' Hagel wants you to feel sorry for poor little Fernando. Wake up, Chuck! The blame for Mexican kids dragged across the US border illegally properly falls upon the kids' criminal parents, not on the decent Americans who want our laws enforced. If these kids are jammed up, it is a collateral consequence of their parents' crimes, same as the kids who must grow up with a parent in prison. Is there no end to Hagel's long guilt trip?
More: Miss Peterson has been fired from her teaching job by the Lexington School Board. Hat tip to Psycho for Love.
Now it would appear that Fernando was only 12 years old when he began to victimize poor Kelsey. Or was it the other way around? I guess latino men macho-up young.
Liberal Blog Reaction
Even the PC crowd is getting fed up. From the Huffington Post's Larry Womack:
When sixth grade teacher Kelsey Peterson fled to Mexico with her 13 year old "lover" late last month, my heart told me it was time to speak out. But fear told me not to; in today's PC world, there's no sin so great as speaking the truth. Then, last night, I opened the paper to find that Norma Giannini, a 79 year old Roman Catholic nun had pleaded no contest to repeatedly sexually abusing two middle school boys. [I]t's time that somebody spoke up for our children, and pulled them out of the clutches of these sick, perverted heterosexual women.
What a goofus! Larry thinks the problem is that child molesters are heterosexual. There aren't any homosexual child molesters in our schools? There aren't any homos in Iran, either. Liberal logic is objectively comprehensible only to medievalists.

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