July 02, 2008

Sex predator - Teacher Kelsey Peterson pleads guilty to sex with student

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about Kelsey and Fernando.
Kelsey Peterson, Nebraska's sex crazed teacher who ran off to Mexico with her 13 year old illegal immigrant student lover has entered a guilty plea in federal court today. The case went to federal court because Kelsey fled across state lines with her victim.

Our federal DA, Joe Stecher, has been prosecuting these types of cases diligently, taking pedophiles off the streets. Nebraska's own courts have a dismal record when it comes to punishing child molesters. The NTV web site quoted here has the full press release from Stecher's office.
Former middle school teacher Kelsey Peterson on Wednesday pleaded guilty to a federal charge of taking a minor across state lines for sex. She will be sentenced in September. She was arrested last November after taking the boy into Mexico. The following is a news release from the U.S. attorney's office in Omaha.
The associated Press seems to think she will get about six years in a federal penitentiary when she is eventually sentenced. Kelsey's hot-shot defense attorney, Omaha's James Martin Davis, wasn't cracking quite so cocky today. I suppose he earned his fee, smearing little Fernando, the naughty teacher's victim. Fernando was all of 12 years old when his teacher started molesting him.
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