November 27, 2007

French Riots: what you are not seeing

Update: Now the Frogamoors are shooting at the police. From Michelle Malkin: "The poor, harmless misguided youth of unnamed ethnic origin in France are now peacefully demonstrating against oppression by…shooting at cops with hunting weapons. Scores of them. Some 80 police officers have been injured." Michelle calls it FlambĂ©e de violence.

French kiss the old France goodbye
You might assume that the unruly French mobs that are causing this week's spike in the seemingly perpetual violent "strikes" and "demonstrations" in that country are regular Frenchmen and women. The aren't. Not any more than the "Paris suburb" of Villiers-le-Bel is a regular French suburb.

Villiers-le-Bel is a commune largely populated by African and Middle Eastern immigrants, mostly Mohammedans. The few inhabitants that aren't immigrant Jihadists are French communist agitators. The cats there live in Stalinist style communal apartment blocks; the French equivalent of public housing projects. Most of them are unemployed social parasites that live off of their neighbors as net tax consumers.

You can get a look at the unhappy frogs on parade in this video made before the stone throwing and fire-bombing started. Seems they were sore because two of their number were killed when their motorcycle collided with a police car. Do they mostly look like French cats or Moors to you?

This should be a lesson to the Mohammedan appeasement Dhimmis, the open borders crowd, and the socialist dreamers here in the US. Add the cultural dilution of unfettered immigration to the creeping influence of bankrupt Marxist policies and you get a mess like France. I doubt if even Sarkozy can fix a nation once it is as badly ruined as France is today. Don't let this happen here!

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