December 04, 2007

Hillary discloses Obama's secret desires

Draw, ya varmint!
Senator Barack Obama, campaigning in Iowa, said: "I have not been planning to run for president for however number of years some of the other candidates have been planning for.” Obviously, this was a thinly veiled slam at Hillary Clinton, the most power mad woman in America., and she didn't take it lying down.

Hillary Clinton's campaign was quick to call the tall, dark candidate with protruding ears on this statement. From her spokesman, Phil Singer: “Senator Obama’s comment today is fundamentally at odds with what his teachers, family, classmates and staff have said about his plans to run for president. Senator Obama’s campaign rhetoric is getting in the way of his reality.” In short: Barack Obama is a liar.

The Hillary cats back up this claim with hard proof, reaching back to Obama's kindergarten days to disclose that the precocious little pol wrote an essay entitled "I want to become President" when his classmates were learning their ABCs and eating paste. The anti-Hillary gang has picked up on this as proof that Clinton is getting desperate enough to risk a backlash.

Its all pretty amusing, but one cannot dismiss a young man's clearly stated ambitions so easily. The old feeder made claims as a kindergartener that proved to be true. I am pictured above trying to get yet another sucker to slap leather so I could shoot them, but if you had asked me then what I wanted to do when I grew up I had a ready answer: "I'm going to drink whiskey and chase wild women."

I'm not kidding. I think my Dad or one of my uncles taught me to answer that way. Cats that know me are aware that I grew up to do exactly that. Hence I live in a shack, which my divorce lawyer charitably called a 'cabin' in court, and I am suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, which my gastroenterologist euphemistically refers to as a 'life limiting' disease.
John Lee Hooker got the blues from me.

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