December 03, 2007

Showing the noose: not always a hate crime

What is it with Negroes that stage fake racist assaults on themselves? Of course, I'm referring a noose that appeared in a Baltimore, Maryland firehouse back in November. It was quickly diagnosed as a 'hate crime' and even the FBI got involved.

Now it has been discovered that the noose was planted by a black fireman who wanted to make it look like white racists were sullying his workplace with threats of lynching. Shades of Tawana Brawley! These fake hate crimes are not a new phenomena.

I don't know what this black racist wanted to gain from baiting his own kind, but I'm sure getting fired probably wasn't his goal. The nooseman, Donald Maynard, has been suspended and will likely lose his job for his trouble, but he won't be charged with any crime!

Things would have turned out differently had it been one of Mr. Maynard's white co-workers who had placed this noose in the firehouse, then fessed up to it later. A white noosehanger would be looking at criminal charges besides getting fired. Heinous hate crimes, federal civil rights violations, you name it, the officials would have thrown the book at the chump.

So why is it that Mr. Maynard will cop a walk for the very same actions? It wouldn't be racism at work, would it?

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