December 02, 2007

Venezolanos: Vota No

Update: 11:40 PM - Results are in from Venezuela
Hugo Chavez gets a NO vote - 51%-49%
Now, to see if the tin-horn dictator can let the results stand.

¡Vota NO! ¡Communismo NO! ¡Chavez NO!
Today is the day. Don't let the Marxist idiot Hugo Chavez assume the role of dictator for life. Rise up, Venezuela, and drive this loco from your country. Here's at least one Venezuelan blogger who has already voted NO! Stop Hugo before he ruins Venezuela totalmente.

For many informative and thoughtful blog reactions, see Babalu Blog today.
Update II: Hugo Chavez is claiming an early victory in Al Jazeera. Riehl World View notes: "Interesting that this would first turn up on Al Jazeera, via Reuters, ay? Very interesting. Ai yi-yi.
Update: Polls are favoring a NO vote in Venezuela. Michelle Malkin's blog has the numbers. If Chavez cannot claim a victory, look for the thug to call in his secret Yanqui election fixer.
Same goes for Putin. How many cheese-ball, tin-horn dictators can we stand?
Marxist thought stinks on ice.

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