January 14, 2008

2008 presidential election issue #1: judicial appointments

Trust us, we'll make conservative appointments!
What kind of Supreme Court and Federal Judiciary do you want? An activist Supreme Court that usurps the legislature and pulls trendy laws out of some phantasmagorical penumbra of constitutional double-read, or a court that will staunchly defend our constitution from those that would use it to "change" America to suit their impossible utopian pipe dreams? Federal judges that undo everything that Congress does that doesn't fit their vision, or ones willing to follow the law?

If you are a conservative and concerned about this, you certainly won't be supporting any of the Democrat candidates. What about the Republican candidates? Will Rudy Giuliani appoint soft on abortion justices? Will McCain select justices that are OK with usurpations of free speech like his McCain-Feingold mess? Will Huckabee say, "Aw-shucks, she won't vote to ban handguns once she's on the bench."?

The only viable candidate I've seen so far that espouses strict construction of our constitution is Fred Thompson. I believe Fred would resist pressure to compromise on court appointments; the one presidential matter where compromise means the death of our republic. The three stooges pictured above are all too wishy-washy when it comes to constitutional integrity.

A bad choice for president lasts for four years at worst. A bad Supreme Court justice or federal judge appointment lasts a lifetime.
Show that you care about the future of our republic: send Fred Thompson some money today! None other than Ragnar Danneskjold agrees: "Fred's Red Truck Fill-up - Only $23K to Go!! As of this writing, Fred is only $23K away from hitting his goal of raising $1 million by midnight tonight. Whaddaya say to dropping by Fred's site and showing some blogger love?"

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