January 11, 2008

Praised with faint damnation

Here's what Omababe, writing as dmr on Rangefinderforum has to say about the old feeder:
The guy who writes this blog is so far to the right that he makes Rush look like a BHL by comparison. It's on a local blog aggregator which I read so sometimes I can't ignore it.
I don't know what a BHL is, but its probably some kind of casual endearment in fashion with today's photon-box artists. I am flattered. Check out the very excellent work at Omababe's blog.
Kodachromes! Between my Dad and I, we have thousands. We have been digitizing them for the last few years. There has never been a film so definitive of an era in color photography. Old National Geographic magazines had the Kodachrome look in ink. Someone will make it again.

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