January 11, 2008

Debra LaFave: still too good-looking for jail

Debra LaFave - not willful enough
Debra LaFave must be back in the news, the Plains Feeder SiteMeter was unusually high yesterday. Evidently Ms. LaFave, a former teacher who admitted and was convicted of having sex with a 14 year old student, has been providently spared any prison time for violating terms of the house-arrest she received for her crime.

Its my contention that Debra is just too damn cute for prison. From Tampa Bay Online:
Conversations with an underage girl that included handshakes, hugs and slaps on the derriere were in violation of Debra Lafave's house arrest, a judge determined Thursday.

Still, Circuit Judge J. Rogers Padgett ruled, the violation was neither willful nor substantial. Lafave, therefore, will continue house arrest under the current conditions. Had the violation been more serious, Lafave could have been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Lafave, 27, smiled brightly as she walked from the courthouse Thursday afternoon, her parents and lawyer by her side. John Fitzgibbons, her lawyer, said he would resume efforts to get her final year of house arrest commuted to probation.
I note that Ms. LaFave has never had to appear before a female judge. It could make a difference, many of the female judges I've run up against have been cruel, heartless martinets.

Kelsey Peterson, a Nebraska teacher similarly accused of extracurricular sex with a 13 year old student, probably won't be so lucky. In my opinion, poor Kelsey just isn't good-looking enough, even by Nebraska standards, to avoid jail. I wonder how tall Kelsey is?

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