January 11, 2008

Olympic cheat Marion Jones gets jail

Disgraced American sprinter Marion Jones
US Olympic sprinter Marion Jones has been sentenced to 6 months in the slammer for lying about her steroid use. The sports reporters at Voice of America don't cut her any slack:
Once the biggest name in track and field, the 32-year-old Jones is now destitute. She has been stripped of her medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where she won three golds and two bronzes. All of her performances since September 2000 have been erased from the record books and she has lost millions of dollars earned from endorsements.

A statement from USA Track and Field head Craig Masback said the sentencing 'concludes a sad series of events.' Masback said Jones's case graphically illustrates the wages of cheating in any phase of life.
Or, perhaps Ms. Jones case illustrates the wages of getting caught cheating. She got a seven year ride at the top. I still think the whole steroid era deserves an asterisk. Same goes for the coming wave of genetically engineered athletes.

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