January 28, 2008

ABC News: Unfair to notice Hillary's "looks"

Too much make-up or not enough Bondo?
ABC News, in an odd article suggests that Hillary Clinton's appearance is "overly scrutinized". The writer quotes none other than Geraldine Ferraro to the effect that this emphasis on the candidate's looks is "sexist". Geraldine doesn't name exactly who is to blame for this blatant misogyny, but it seems to me that this is a case of the MSM criticizing itself. The only place I've seen unflattering photos of Hillary Clinton is in the news media.

While I don't see anything inherently wrong with publishing pictures of public figures without airbrushing out the wrinkles and softening the focus, I detect a veiled hypocrisy in ABC story. To wit, and I quote Mizz Ferraro:
Nobody is going to say they don't like how [Illinois Sen.] Barack Obama looks and nobody is going to say that about [former North Carolina Sen.] John Edwards.
Baloney! What about Barack's big, protruding ears? John Edwards' costly haircuts and his girlish primping? Where was Geraldine and her friends at ABC News when the liberals beat up on Florida's Katherine Harris for her 'looks' back when they were accusing her of helping George Bush steal the 2000 presidential election from Al Gore?

You know Hillary colors her hair, but when Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson used a little Grecian Formula, everybody took him to task over it. Don't forget prune-faced John Kerry's botox adventure which hurt his hopes for the White House more than the swiftboaters.

I won't even mention all the atrocious hair pieces male politicians think will make them look electable. If there is a double standard here, I fail to see it. And who cares what Geraldine Ferraro thinks about anything, anyhow?
Rush Limbaugh, having been mentioned in the ABC News article, is stirring the "aging woman" pot on the air today. He figures recent photos show Hillary looking desperate and foolish.

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