January 01, 2008

Man of the Year - 2008

Fred Thompson
I support Fred Thompson for President in 2008. I have no reservations about the man, and I believe I have exercised more than due diligence in vetting Fred. I find him to be not only intelligent, well-educated and sufficiently experienced, but to be steady and level-headed. Of the other front-running candidates, regardless of party, not one of them has ever been at once both steady and level-headed.

All of the major contenders seem obsessed with becoming the next President of the United States. All but Fred Thompson. The other candidates are driven by radical agenda or megalomania. Not Fred Thompson. Take a step back and review what you already know about each of them. Don't they appear as grotesque caricatures of the persona they work to project? Take one more step back and some of them start to look a bit unbalanced or deranged. Steady? Level-headed? Fred is the only one.

Fred has what it takes to dominate when confronting a fanatical Mohammedan Mullah or a Mexican Government mobster or any of our enemies. Thompson looks and sounds like he has cojones. The rest of the lot leave me cold; our enemies see in them only as easy marks.

Because I support Fred Thompson and I run the feedlot, I have unilaterally named him the Plains Feeder Man of the Year for 2008.
Beldar has a fine post, I'm With Fred, which I recommend highly. It answers these questions:
  • Why now?
  • Why Fred
  • Why not Mitt?
  • Why not McCain, Giuliani, or Huckabee?
Couldn't have said it better myself, Beldar.

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