December 31, 2007

Feedlot Resolutions for 2008

Cleaning up my act for the New Year
It hasn't been my habit to make New Year's resolutions, but the last months of 2007 have treated me to so much misery and angst that I realize I must be doing something wrong. Therefore, to appease whatever great powers I have offended, I hereby resolve to stop using the Plains Feeder for wicked purposes. No more twisting the news, making fun of the way people look, creating uglified photoshops, supporting religious intolerance, gratuitous racialism, or scientific heresy. Even the French and the Mohammedan fanatics will get the kid-glove treatment in 2008. Honest injun, I mean to keep this resolution. There will be peace and love in the New Year, fer sure.
I do, however, reserve the right to trash Fidel Castro and his friends.

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