February 29, 2008

Compare and Contrast

LBJ's 'Daisy' scare ad - 1964 campaign
Many youngsters don't know what it was like having atomic bombs pointed at us day and night, year after year by Rooskies who were even flakier then than they are now. Democrat Lyndon Johnson used this ad showing a child pulling daisy petals off morphing into a missile countdown and nuclear blast to leverage this fear in his run for the White House. I guess it worked, LBJ beat out Barry Goldwater. (What a shame!) The Johnson campaign was widely criticized for resorting to such tactics.

Now we have this ad from high-road Hillary trying to elevate the fear of today's world instability to the level of our old fear of Mutually Assured Destruction. I invite you to compare an contrast the two Democrat videos.

Hillary's '3:00AM' scare ad - 2008 campaign
Talk about tearing a page right out of nasty old Lyndon Baines Johnson's playbook. What next, Ms. Clinton, another Gulf of Tonkin? Maybe dog torture? Vote for me or I'll pull the puppy's ears off!
Update: Obama weighs in. Barack Obama has released his own ad in response to Hillary's 'fear mongering'. [No link yet, but I saw it on Fox. I think.] In it, Barack appears to be saying that its time to quit worrying about the 9/11 Jihad attacks on the US. I guess we won the GWOT, and the Jihad is no longer a threat. Now thats real hope in action!

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