February 28, 2008

Are Fanatical Mohammedans thin-skinned, or what?

Hammie shows off his tattoo
In Pakistan, fanatical Mohammedan officials blocked You-Tube recently, using a particularly egregious technology, Border Gateway Protocol Injection. In Africa, Nasty Sudanese Mohahammed fanatics are renewing the Mohammedan effort to harm Denmark. Both of these items are continuing reverberations of the original Mohammed cartoon days of rage more than two years ago.

Do these idiots either have nothing better to do than make public fools of themselves over supposed slights to their hellishly twisted beliefs? Mohammedan fanatics need to repent of their wicked, murderous ways or else grow thicker skins. Thick enough to withstand something more than cartoons.

They can warm up by trying to laugh at Hammie's new tattoo. You remember Hammie, no? Or a chucle out of Tor Hershman's Mrs. Potato Head, the fundamentalist Islam version.
I should get someone that can eat it a Danish ham. I'm forbidden to eat ham by my gastroenterologist. Too much sodium.

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  1. i fuck the kafaar if i have a chance world is changing and time also so waite the time u all kafirs gonna cry and beg for ur life but its to late


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