February 13, 2008

GOP Nomination tainted by Soros money

George Soros supports McCain?
If what I have read about today at World Net Daily is true, then Republicans should demand a do-over of their entire nominating process. Jerome Corsi writes that John McCain's campaign has been funded in part by that antithesis of everything conservative, George Soros. You know, Mr. MoveOn.org, the man whose money infuses Marxist websites and phony front organizations.

This secret meddling with our nomination process, if true, goes to illustrate just how far Marxist thinkers have penetrated our society. They mean to enslave us, make no mistake. We cannot tolerate having communist secret agents tweaking the GOP choice for a US Presidential candidate. Its worse than the Manchurian Candidate scenario, only because it is even more devious.

Can you believe that every single front runner in the race for the White House is funded and backed by our old cold war enemies? That the Republican nominating process has been corrupted by sworn enemies of the America way? What should we do?

Nothing short of a do-over will satisfy me.
Steve Brown, standing in for Scott Voorhees on KFAB radio this morning had an interview with John Corsi about this revolting development. Its good to hear Steve back on the air. He's not afraid to broach such shocking news reports.
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