March 18, 2008

Barack Obama's New Friends: Black Panthers

Obama Changes Daily
Barack Obama has got problems that have him back-pedaling and making excuses instead of campaigning for the Democrat Presidential nomination. First it was Louis Farakhan, madman leader of the US fanatical Black Muslims (the Nation of Islam) throwing his support for Barry O. Then his foul-mouthed, America-hating, racist, black supremacist minister Rev. Jeremiah Wright is found out for the scumbag he is, requiring more double talk from Mr. Obama. What could be next?

The Black Panthers, thats what. Gateway Pundit points out another page from Barack Obama's campaign web-site showing the connection between the candidate and the radical black supremacist outfit. These dangerous '60's leftovers support Barack and he's proud of it. [Updated: the Obama website has pulled the page referenced in the preceding link. Good thing I have it cached right here.] Omaha readers might recall our travails with an Omaha Police officer and Black Panther activist, Tariq Al-Amin. He was fired but later reinstated after offering to give some kids razors to cut their not-black-enough minister's throat.

All this racist crap emanating from the persona of Barack Obama has overshadowed the candidate's attempts to out-Marxist his Democrat opponent, Hillary Clinton. The only thing that could possibly draw the American voters' attention away from his racist roots now would be for Barack and Michelle to confess to some sort of shocking sexual peccadilloes. Or, perhaps some new revelations about his drug use would help.
The Big Flag Draped Speech in Philadelphia. So the US Constitution was no good from the get-go? Some theme. It still appears that this ideological chameleon wants to have things both ways with a growing number of polarities.
Michelle Malkin has posted the old feeder's photoshop of Barack's Shepard Fairey poster calling it: The new Barack Obama logo: Agent of left-wing same old. I'm honored.

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