June 23, 2008

Senator Ben Nelson becomes Obamanized

Ben Nelson - running on hope
Senator Ben Nelson, a prisoner of his Democratness, has made an effort to join the chorus of Obama believers. Somehow, Barack's airy phrases seem to fall pretty flat coming from Nebraska's most Republican-like Senator. Here are the highlights condensed from his speech at Midland Lutheran College this past weekend:
Change is the word of the day and the word of the future. Change is what all of us are looking for in Washington. Our party is changing. We want progress. We want good government. Everyone is upset about gasoline prices.
He tried to warm the audience with a couple of jokes. Like this one: "Washington is being impacted by global warming. Just the other day, a chunk of ice fell off Vice President Dick Cheney." LOL! Those Democrats just slay me!
Seriously, Senator Nelson is charging ahead with his own plans for America's future. The Street Sweeper at Leavenworth Street blog reveals Ben's plans for a National Energy Commission and "proposing a day, possibly in July, to commemorate America's independence from the hated British."

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