June 17, 2008

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel: can't rule out any possibility

What an embarrassment to Nebraska
Including his own political demise. I heard Steve Brown on KFAB today mention the rumor that Nebraska's RINO Republican Senator Chuck Hagel might be on the short list for US presidential candidate Barack Obama's vice-president. I looked it up and here is what I found: Hagel not ruling out match up with Obama.

Can you believe the gall of this man? I hope he never comes back to Nebraska after his fraudulently obtained term as Senator expires. Perhaps then the stink will stop rubbing off on the Nebraskans he tricked into voting for him. The stench from former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey is only now beginning to fade from our overalls, and he was at least honest about being a Democrat.

Here is a recent spew from Chuck Hagel that illustrates just how out of touch with reality the big turkey has become:
The problems facing America today are “far deeper and wider and worse than what FDR faced.”
Thanks to the Street Sweeper at Leavenworth Street Blog for pointing this one out and recalling an apropos Bart Simpson analogy. I suspect that The Street is where Steve Brown heard about the possible Obama veep gig; the ugly rumor has been up there since Friday.

Chuck must dream about somebody offering him something every night. Like Steve Brown said, I hope Barack does choose Hagel. It would almost guarantee a big loss for Obama.
More: Nebraska born magical Camelot speechwriter and still flaming JFK liberal Ted Sorensen thinks Barack should pick Chuck Hagel for VP. He said so while speaking in Omaha at a fund raiser for fake Nebraskan Scott Kleeb. Wannabe rancher and aimless progressive Kleeb (rhymes with bleb) is running for Senator Hagel's abandoned Senate seat.

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