July 28, 2008

Obama's Civilian Security Force - update

Most Advanced Candidate
Remember the miniature shock waves that Presidential candidate Barack Obama caused when he announced that he wanted to establish a "civilian security force" as well funded and as powerful as the US military to help fight America's enemies? The MSM won't touch the story, and the "civilian security force" portion of Obama's disturbing speech has been purged from his web site, but you can still view the video here.

When I finally heard about this totalitarian trial balloon, one of many Barack Obama has floated during his campaign, I likened it to the Maoist Red Guard from the Chinese cultural revolution. I didn't think that the Hóng Wèi Bīng was Barack's inspiration for the "national security force" he proposes. There is a difference between comparing totalitarian institutions and inferring that one institution inspires or serves as a model for another.

Other folks compared Obama's "national security force" to the East German Stasi, or Joe Stalin's NKVD, (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs), or even the Inuit (Eskimo) Katimavik. Naturally no list of totalitarian indignities would be complete without mentioning Hitler, who had a similar "civilian defense force", the VolksSturm, as well as a civilian state police, the dreaded Gestapo.

All these comparisons are valid to one degree or another, but I'd like to know where Barack Obama got the idea of a "civilian defense force" in the first place. What inspired Obama to test the waters with such an obviously totalitarian notion?

I think I've found the answer. Barack Obama's "civilian security force" plan is inspired by communist Cuba's Comités de Defensa de la Revolución (CDR). The Cuban CDRs are not only comparable to Obama's plan, but it is probable that Obama has studied the Cuban 'spy on your neighbor' scheme. Its no secret that there is an immense mutual admiration between the Cuban dictatorship and the presumed Democrat candidate for the US presidency.

Here is the 'official' Cuban description of the CDR, (read it in English, translated roughly here). Note the "Che" icon that heads the page, a popular theme with Obama and his supporters.

El Gusano at La Contra Revolución and our friends at Babalu blog and the Gateway Pundit have come to the same conclusion. Obama's got his inspiration for and models his "national security force" after the Cuban CDRs sounds more reasonable than his getting the idea from the Eskimos or any of the other totalitarian sources mentioned. Mao, Hitler, and Stalin are all currently under Obama's bus, along with his grandmother, his preacher, his pals from the Weather Underground, etc., etc.
Liberals are scrambling to defend Barack's "civilian security force". Evidently the Kos kids aren't hep to Obama's method: if the trial balloon doesn't fly, just say it never happened, erase the evidence and move on. The mainstream media gets it, they have given the story the Servpro treatment: "like it never even happened."

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