September 16, 2008

Busy Blogger

Obama's Red Tentacles
The old feeder is busy trying to load ancient software into a cutting-edge computer. Having no experience with Windows Vista, and even less with 64-bit processor architecture, its been time-consuming. Its almost enough to make me yearn for the old DOS days. Only almost.

I could use the automatic blog post generator, but I haven't been that far out of touch. One thing I'm concerned about: commie agitators in South America being encouraged by Russia's Vlad Putin. Its bad enough to see Castro lovers wearing Che shirts here in Omaha. As far as I'm concerned, Marxists ought to stay the heck out of the western hemisphere. I guess that is old fashioned thinking, given that we have a Marxist running for president right here at home.
Feel free to copy and use the new Obama poster at the top of this post. I made it out of the picture on the cover of an old pamphlet named "How Communism Works".

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