September 09, 2008

Glenn Beck weighs in on the Large Hadron Collider

Black Hole Destroys Earth
The old feeder isn't the only one concerned about the possibility that there will be no September 11th this week. At the risk of being called a twat, Glenn Beck asked on his radio program today:
Could a French made black hole destroy the earth tonight as you sleep? Scientists say probably not, but check back tomorrow....
He wonders if the reason given for taking even a small risk of destroying the Earth is sufficient. He's right; the odds may be long, but the risk is extraordinarily high given the ephemeral value of a successful or otherwise non-cataclysmic outcome.

Eventually, Glenn comes to the same conclusion that I did: fire it up. There are worse things than having no future. Glenn:
When you put it in perspective, it's never what you expect that's going to end it all for you. --- It's like, whatever. So we're sucked into a black hole. I won't have to do the debates. I mean, I don't have to listen to Keith Olbermann for the next two months.
Beck is no twat either.
IMHO, it doesn't make any difference if the black hole that eats the earth is French-made or not.
Update: The scientists at CERN are claiming success. What they really mean is that they were able to run a moderately high energy proton beam through the complete circuit of the circular collider without having it fizzle out or escape its magnetic bounds. The world didn't end. End of story? Not quite.

It will be some time before the proton beams are jazzed up to the full energy capacity of the giant collider. Then the really risky part of the planned experiment to 'discover' the Higgs boson can begin. This will involve running two extremely high energy proton beams in opposite directions and causing them to collide head-on. It is at this point that the 'mini' black hole may be created and the elusive Higgs particle detected.

I think today's experiment was a trick. Now the rest of us are supposed to breathe a sigh of relief and say, "Those wacky high-energy physicists are OK. They pulled it off and the world didn't end." These world class fiddlers have only rosined up their big bow. Contrary to what Drudge's headline this morning says, the "Big Bang" recreation has not yet been attemped. The black hole part of the tune is 'way on down the program. Stick your i-pod things back in your ears, folks, you'll hear no big bang this week.

The CERN kids with the big chemistry set won't blow up the garage, even if they have access to more cash and electrical energy than most third world countries. No way, man. Be cool.

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