September 09, 2008

A Poll about Polls

I'm trying out a poll about the cause of the recent McCain-Palin poll bounce. I never attended Gallup U, even though there is a campus here in Omaha, so I don't know how to skew the questions to get the the results to fit my own pre-existing conclusions. I'm not clever enough to create a sensible binary poll that would satisfy the curiosity that moved me to create this poll in the first place. I considered this: a) it was something Sarah said or did b) it was something Obama said or did; but it seemed somehow unsophisticated. I'm just not a binary thinker.

The poll will run for one week. Please register your opinion even if you have methodological gripes. Feel free to post said gripes, condemnations and suggestions in the comments to this post. Since I'd like as many folks to vote in my little poll as possible, links to same which come to my attention will be rewarded with kind words and back-links right here, as well as a small measure of fair treatment in future Plains Feeder comments.

Help the old feeder: This poll refuses to appear correctly in any of my browsers. Especially if I try to view it via the permalink to this post.If it seems all screwed up to you, please let me know in the comments. I might have to try a different 'free' poll service. or just fuggedaboudit!

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