September 08, 2008

Need a Vise-Grip tool? Buy the cheap imitation instead.

Made in China
I like the Vise-Grip tools. The old feeder is shy a few fingers, and the locking feature of these (until now) well-made, heavy-duty, chrome-plated tools make them very useful around the house and shop.

There have always been cheaper imitations, but I always bought the genuine article. The cheap ones will rust or are so flimsy they seem sure to fall apart under heavy use.

Now, you might as well save your money and buy the cheap imitations. The fools that run the company have decided to move all their production to China. I guess they weren't clever enough to sell their customers on the real value of Made in the USA quality. Now the renowned Vise-Grip tools will themselves be cheap Chinese imitations. Your Vise-Grip tool dollars will help prop up a totalitarian communist state that enslaves its people.

I feel sorry for the over 300 workers that are losing their jobs here in DeWitt, Nebraska. As for myself, I'm going to buy all the Vise-Grip tools I need now, before they are replaced with crappy junk on the store shelves. I hope the Vise-Grip company goes broke.


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