October 19, 2008

Chuck Hagel's ugly head appears again - Obama's Secretary of Defense?

Comrade Hagel
From Power Line blog: Does Chuck Hagel command your confidence?:
According to the Times of London, Barack Obama has 'tipped' Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to be his Secretary of Defense. Supposedly, Hegel would be part of a group of 'high-profile appointments who would command the confidence of the country at such a troubled time.' Other names being tossed around are John Kerry (Secretary of State) and Larry Summers (Secretary of Treasury).
Read it and weep. Nebraska's "retiring" Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is a turncoat if ever there was one. He has a loser fixation from his Viet-Nam war experience. Worse than a RINO, he is actually a bitter Fifth Columnist. The communists in the Obama campaign have duped Hagel into shilling for them. He will be a perfect puppet 'Defense' Secretary. He will stand by and watch while Obama's traitors sell America down the river.
Still don't believe Obama is a communist? Read this backgrounder at New Zeal that I heard about from the Founding Bloggers.

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