October 20, 2008

Dear Leader News

Un-faked recent picture of Kim Jong-Il (click)
Rumors are flying that North Korea's communist boss, Kim Jong-Il, aka Dear Leader, is is seriously ill, incapacitated or perhaps even dead. I got the word from Henry Louis Gomez at Babalu Blog:
Castro Death Watch is linking to a Sky News article about a big announcement that's supposed to be coming out of North Korea tomorrow. Apparently a Japanese newspaper is speculating that Kim Jong Il may be dead. There have been rumors of a stroke or other health incident by the "dear leader" for several weeks.
As the truth is a scarce commodity in any communist nation, speculation, rumor and untrustworthy official denials are all we have to explain the coming big announcement.

Of course, there is always wishful thinking.
Off Topic: I've always been fascinated by Dear Leader's big hair. Then I saw this and this. Something is wrong in the land of light.

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