October 28, 2008

Cop a laugh

It's the same thing as last time Senator - It's your redistributor.
I saw this one at Are We Lumberjacks? Its funny, but you had better not call Barack Obama a redistributor. Someone will claim you said he was a nigger. It happened at a Sarah Palin rally in Des Moines, Iowa last Saturday.

Someone in the crowd shouted "He's a redistributor!" The ever-so-sensitive to racism Obama camp thought the cry was "He's a nigger!" and promptly took Sarah Palin to task for failing to "do anything" about it. Michelle Malkin has the story.
Next we will hear that "redistributor" is another code word.
Bloggy Business:
The old feeder was nominated for a Superior Scribbler Award by Jeffro of The Poor Farm. I'm honored, but the award, originated by the Scholastic Scribe, is beset with rules and obligations , both of which I am naturally inclined to ignore. Because I have great respect for Jeffro, I shall make an effort to comply. I posted the graphic, linked to the nominator and the rules, added my name to 'the list' and left a comment at the Scholastic Scribe site.

All that remains is for me to nominate five more bloggers. Without further ado, I nominate Angela of the Domestic Divapalooza, Genevieve of Prairie Bluestem, Uncle Wiggily of the Heartland Notebook, Chris McClure the Panhandle Poet, and my feedlot co-blogger Abe of Don't Let Me Stop You. I thoght hard anout nominating the Mickeys (of many many blogs), but I couldn't figure out how many nominations the old beatnik would count for.
I've also been tagged by Angela. I'm lousy at these things, but I enjoy following her Domestic Divapalooza and she is a good internet friend. I think all I have to do here is list 10 things you might not know about me. That is easy.
  1. My favorite dessert is flan. I can make it like a MadrileƱo.
  2. I raised mice to earn money when I was a kid.
  3. I have never been bored; I don't know what boredom is.
  4. I am profoundly dyslexic.
  5. All I recall of gradeschool is looking out the windows.
  6. The thing I do best is waiting. In line, on hold, whatever.
  7. I can sleep at any time, any place under any conditions.
  8. There are periods of my life that I cannot recall.
  9. Some of my memories are nearly inexplicable.
  10. My first real job was in a photographic darkroom.
No tag is complete without the need to pass the tag along. To make thing simple, I'm going to tag the same folks that I nominated for the Superior Scribbler Award above. Except, of course, for Angela since she's the culprit that tagged me. In her place, I will tag the Mickeys. They can figure out how many of them will respond.
A word to those tagged and nominated herein: don't feel obligated to follow up on this business. It won't hurt my feelings if you blow it off. I only do this stuff when I feel like it, which isn't often. Today, I needed something to get my mind off of the coming elections.

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