October 29, 2008

Taking Wednesday off from the Barack Obama Show

Gratuitous Obama Poster
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The old feeder is taking the day off today, having had a pleasant lunch in West Omaha and taken a tour past some of the nice houses in the area. I couldn't help think that these must some of the Wich Peepow Rich People Barney Frank keeps lisping about. You know, the ones pulling down obscene incomes of $150,000 a year and more. I hope none of my friends depend on these cats for their jobs.
As I plan to lower my blood pressure by loafing at my lady-friend's pad the rest of the day, I won't bother to do a proper blog post. If you are interested in what I've been reading, however, here's a list:
Media bias
The tape the LA Times is going to shred
Campaign finance and Obama's hypocrisy
Heartstring tugs for the day
Update on the story about Barack's auntie. On Thursday October 30, reporters asked Obama about his aunt in Boston twice. His answer both times was, “I’m not gonna get into that.” When asked, "why is that?" he said, “Just not.” Barack Obama doesn't like to have his inconsistencies questioned.

Some Good News
Rush Limbaugh says he will watch tonight's Giant TV Obamathon, so we won't have to. I'm going to take him up on it. Maybe if I could still take my nerve pills I'd watch it. Or if I could still drink whiskey.

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