October 24, 2008

Latest Barack Obama Reading List

National Socialism: The Organized Will of the Nation
I've already made my position clear. I'm against Barack Obama. This post is incremental.

When he was campaigning for the Democrat Party nomination, nobody knew who Obama was, where he came from or what his policies were. In the ensuing months those of us that cared to make the effort have discovered him to be a national socialist with a history of associations with violent revolutionaries, class-warfare thugs, unscrupulous political machine operatives and racist hate-mongers. We now can see that he stands for socialist redistribution of wealth and the nationalization of key industries. In short, we can see him for what he really is: a National Socialist.

This knowledge was hard-won. Much of it comes to light at this late hour in the 2008 election because much of it has been actively concealed, obfuscated, scrubbed, revised and lied about by the Obama camp and their dupes in the media. What follows is simply a compendium of the latest revelations in this process of getting to know Barack Obama.
Zombietime: William Ayers' forgotten communist manifesto: Prairie Fire.
This essay only exists to correct and unequivocally debunk claims routinely made by the mainstream media over the last few weeks about William Ayers, his beliefs, and the purpose behind his bombing campaign during the 1970s.

Specifically, when questions arose during the 2008 presidential race about Barack Obama's past associations with William Ayers, many media reports and articles blandly described Ayers as a "Vietnam-era radical" and the Weather Underground as a group that set bombs "to protest against the Vietnam War." Both of these characterizations are demonstrably inaccurate.

Furthermore: Obama and his supporters at first claimed he barely knew who Ayers was, but when public awareness of the connections between Obama and Ayers became too numerous and too strong to deny, Obama's supporters have now begun resorting to a fallback position: that William Ayers wasn't such a bad guy after all, and that it is no shame to be associated with him.
Confederate Yankee: Just a Little Genocide.
Testimony of FBI informant Larry Grathwohl about a meeting of the Weather Underground he attended. The very outfit led by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn:
I asked, "well what is going to happen to those people we can't reeducate, that are diehard capitalists?" and the reply was that they'd have to be eliminated.

And when I pursued this further, they estimated they would have to eliminate 25 million people in these reeducation centers.

And when I say "eliminate," I mean "kill."

Twenty-five million people.

I want you to imagine sitting in a room with 25 people, most of which have graduate degrees, from Columbia and other well-known educational centers, and hear them figuring out the logistics for the elimination of 25 million people.

And they were dead serious.
Politically Drunk On Power! blog: Web Archives Confirm Barack Obama Was Member Of Socialist 'New Party' In 1996.
I discovered a web page that had been scrubbed from the New Party's website. The web page which was published in October 1996, was an internet newsletter update on that years congressional races. Although the web page was deleted from the New Party's website, the non-profit Internet Archive Organization had archived the page.

From the October 1996 Update of the DSA 'New Party':
"New Party members are busy knocking on doors, hammering down lawn signs, and phoning voters to support NP candidates this fall. Here are some of our key races...

Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary)."
"New Party members and supported candidates won 16 of 23 races, including an at-large race for the Little Rock, Ark., City Council, a seat on the county board for Little Rock and the school board for Prince George's County, Md. Chicago is sending the first New Party member to Congress, as Danny Davis, who ran as a Democrat, won an overwhelming 85% victory. New Party member Barack Obama was uncontested for a State Senate seat from Chicago. "
NewsBusters: Will MSM Report on Obama Membership in Socialist New Party?
The mainstream media thought that the membership of Todd Palin, who is not a candidate for any office, in the Alaska Independence Party important enough to report in such outlets as the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, and the New York Times, among others.

So now that Barack Obama's membership in the far left New Party has been unearthed, will they report his membership in that Socialist organization?
WND: Newspaper shows Obama belonged to socialist party.
The New Party, formed by members of the Democratic Socialists for America and leaders of an offshoot of the Community Party USA, was an electoral alliance that worked alongside the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The New Party's aim was to help elect politicians to office who espouse its policies.
Obama's campaign has responded to the allegations, denying the presidential candidate was ever a member of the New Party.

But the New Zeal blog dug up print copies of the New Party News, the party's official newspaper, which show Obama posing with New Party leaders, list him as a New Party member and include quotes from him.
Gateway Pundit: Barack Obama Praises Fellow New Party Member & Quasi-Marxist Danny Davis. References the Founding Bloggers: "We share the same values."
The New Party's current website has no real content except for a link to the website for another socialist outfit's web, Working Families, which endorses Barack Obama.
The TownCrier blog: Obama was a member of the Socialist Party in Chicago.
Obama was speaker at 1996 meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America. He has been verified as being a member.
Chicago DSA is affiliated with the national Democratic Socialists of America but is separately incorporated. Anyone paying national membership dues in the Chicago area is automatically a member of the Chicago DSA local.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International... We are socialists.

Democratic socialists believe that... diversity and opportunity necessitates a fundamental restructuring of our socio-economic order... We cannot accept capitalism's conception of economic relations as "free and private,"... The democratic socialist vision... draws upon Marxism, religious and ethical socialism, feminism, and other theories that critique human domination.
Gateway Pundit: Confirmed: MSM Holds Video Of Barack Obama Attending Jew-Bash & Toasting a Former PLO Operative... Refuse to Release the Video!
LA Times writer Peter Wallsten wrote about Barack Obama's close association with former Palestinian operative Rashid Khalidi back in April.
Wallsten discussed a dinner held back in 2003 in honor of Khalidi, a critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights. Barack Obama has denied his close association with Khalidi, too. Barack Obama also praised the former PLO operative during the event. And, Obama confessed that his family often shared dinner with the Khalidis:
His many talks with the Khalidis, Obama said, had been "consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases... It's for that reason that I'm hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation -- a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid's dinner table," but around "this entire world."

...The event was videotaped, and a copy of the tape was obtained by The Times.

Khalidi and the Obamas were great friends in Chicago and often shared meals together.
By the way, Khalidi was also best friends with Bill Ayers.
Curiously, old-school International Marxists don't like Obama. They see him as I do, a National Socialist inextricably teamed with big-money power brokers. This is the very same reason traditionalist Reds in Germany opposed the National Socialist upstart, Hitler. It goes to prove what I've always said: that Nazis and Red Communists are not in any sense polar opposites, they merely quibble over the preferred implementation of Marxist thought.
Update: Babalu blog has this story of how the Cuban Dirección General de Inteligencia assisted the illegal activities of Ayers' Weather Underground during the time they were setting bombs and escaping from the FBI. Read it here: Surprise! Cuban DGI helped Ayers and the Weather Underground. In those days, the DGI was essentially an arm of the Soviet KGB, which had many connections to the US antiwar movement, supplying money, training, terrorist materials and weapons to any anti-American outfit that would take them.

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