October 30, 2008

Obama: the next Castro or Mugabe?

Obama's America - another Cuba or another Zimbabwe?
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John McCain got a great reception in Miami yesterday. Florida has so many Americans who have their roots in Cuba that it comes as no surprise. If you want to hear about what Marxism (call it what you want: socialism, progressivism, communism, fabianism, collectivism, whatever) can do for America just listen to the Cubans. They know exactly what they are talking about; they either experienced it first hand or heard about it from their immigrant parents, Marxism ruined their former homeland.

For reasons I won't go into, I have always had a personal sympathy for Cuba. The cold war never came so close to going hot as it did over Cuba. Thinking about that doped-up rat JFK and his shameful treachery at the Bay of Pigs makes my blood boil.

Check out the McCain Miami visit story at here Babalu Blog. More than that, though, take a few minutes to go to their main page, scroll down to the Blog Roll there in the right-hand column entitled Cubiches. (The blogroll can only be found on the main page) Visit some of these blogs. These cats know what redistributionists promise as well as what they actually deliver.
A frequent commenter here, Canuckguy, who hails from our neighbor to the north, thinks Obama will bring Marxism to America the same way that Robert Mugabe brought Marxism to Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. What an awful prospect for Nebraska, an agricultural state. I suppose all the poor and homeless from America's big cities will be moved to our rural areas to work the farms after they have been seized from their fat-cat white owners.

Lots of my friends are Kulaks.
More at the Gateway Pundit:
Gateway, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

Both my father and grandfather were members of the Brigada 2506, Bay of Pigs regiment, that went to topple Castro in 61' and was betrayed and abandoned by a young, charismatic and naive President. (sound familiar)

My father then went on to work for the "Company" in the 60's, 70's and 80's. (as well as being a RE developer)

Yesterday we both went to that event on Calle Ocho, the heart & bastion of the Cuban American community.

We know first hand the misguided belief that "change" is needed, at any cost or thought, and to give over power to a person who wanted to spread the wealth around, too!!!

Wake up America, let's stand up and fight for our grand and glorious Republic...

Let us defeat the enemies of Liberty.

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