October 02, 2008

Polls Change Party Mix to Create an Obama Trend

You can't trust anybody in the media these days. The Associated Press and and others have been rigging their poll calculations to make it appear that Barack Obama has a growing lead among potential voters. Please read this NewsBusters story by Tom Blumer carefully. DJ Drummond at Wizbang blog has posted numerous times about the continuing re-adustment of political party weighting and other shenanigans in the polls. It is disappointing to read about this statistical trickery.

Is it a deliberate effort to manufacture an Obama lead? Is the media hell-bent on subverting the legitimate election process? Do they want to influence the outcome of the election as Dan Rather attempted in the last presidential race with his 'fake but accurate' Texas ANG documents? Are they doing this because they feel that 'it is time' for the USA to elect a black, and they must do what they can to 'make a difference'?

Whatever their motive, it is wrong to do this sort of thing while posing as legitimate newsmen and newswomen. Shame on them all.
Personally, I suspect these faked up polls will be used after the election to justify the left's cries of "We was robbed!"

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