October 02, 2008

Senate: We had to burn Wall Street to save it

Don't let Congress put the Zippo to the economy
You have heard by now that the US Senate yesterday "reluctantly" passed a larded-up version of the $700,000,000,000 Wall Street bailout bill. I don't think they were reluctant enough. It is again time to let the House know that we don't want this bill sent to the White House. We know clueless George will sign it "reluctantly". This Congressional economic disaster needs to be stopped now.

The US House of Representatives' e-mail system is not working worth a darn. My efforts to contact Jeff Fortenberry keep getting bounced back, so I have taken the advice of a great blogger and gotten on the telephone. Thank goodness the phones in Congress still work.

Please! Spring for a long-distance call today. It isn't only seven hundred billion dollars at stake; it is the American free market economy that is in danger of being destroyed by misguided meddlers in Congress.

From Michelle Malkin: "The People’s House needs to hear from the people. Get your fingers dialing for Operation Hold The Line. Because so many of you asked, I’ve compiled the phone numbers for each and every one of the House GOP members who voted no on Monday. They need to hear from you again." Here is Michelle's Congressional phone directory of House Republican stalwarts:
Aderholt R AL legislator 202-225-4876
Akin R MO legislator 202-225-2561
Alexander R LA legislator 202-225-8490
Bachmann R MN legislator 202-225-2331
Barrett (SC) R SC legislator 202-225-5301
Bartlett (MD) R MD legislator 202-225-2721
Barton (TX) R TX legislator 202-225-2002
Biggert R IL legislator 202-225-3515
Bilbray R CA legislator 202-225-0508
Bilirakis R FL legislator 202-225-5755
Bishop (UT) R UT legislator 202-225-0453
Blackburn R TN legislator 202-225-2811
Boustany R LA legislator 202-225-2031
Broun (GA) R GA legislator 202-225-4101
Brown-Waite, Ginny R FL legislator 202-225-1002
Buchanan R FL legislator 202-225-5015
Burgess R TX legislator 202-225-7772
Burton (IN) R IN legislator 202-225-2276
Buyer R IN legislator 202-225-5037
Capito R WV legislator 202-225-2711
Carter R TX legislator 202-225-3864
Chabot R OH legislator 202-225-2216
Coble R NC legislator 202-225-3065
Conaway R TX legislator 202-225-3605
Culberson R TX legislator 202-225-2571
Davis (KY) R KY legislator 202-225-3465
Davis, David R TN legislator 202-225-6356
Deal (GA) R GA legislator 202-225-5211
Dent R PA legislator 202-225-6411
Diaz-Balart, L. R FL legislator 202-225-4211
Diaz-Balart, M. R FL legislator 202-225-2778
Doolittle R CA legislator 202-225-2511
Drake R VA legislator 202-225-4215
Duncan R TN legislator 202-225-5435
English (PA) R PA legislator 202-225-5406
Fallin R OK legislator 202-225-2132
Feeney R FL legislator 202-225-2706
Flake R AZ legislator 202-225-2635
Forbes R VA legislator 202-225-6365
Fortenberry R NE legislator 202-225-4806
Foxx R NC legislator 202-225-2071
Franks (AZ) R AZ legislator 202-225-4576
Frelinghuysen R NJ legislator 202-225-5034
Gallegly R CA legislator 202-225-5811
Garrett (NJ) R NJ legislator 202-225-4465
Gerlach R PA legislator 202-225-4315
Gingrey R GA legislator 202-225-2931
Gohmert R TX legislator 202-225-3035
Goode R VA legislator 202-225-4711
Goodlatte R VA legislator 202-225-5431
Graves R MO legislator 202-225-7041
Hall (TX) R TX legislator 202-225-6673
Hastings (WA) R WA legislator 202-225-5816
Hayes R NC legislator 202-225-3715
Heller R NV legislator 202-225-6155
Hensarling R TX legislator 202-225-3484
Hoekstra R MI legislator 202-225-4401
Hulshof R MO legislator 202-225-2956
Hunter R CA legislator 202-225-5672
Issa R CA legislator 202-225-3906
Johnson (IL) R IL legislator 202-225-2371
Johnson, Sam R TX legislator 202-225-4201
Jones (NC) R NC legislator 202-225-3415
Jordan R OH legislator 202-225-2676
Keller R FL legislator 202-225-2176
King (IA) R IA legislator 202-225-4426
Kingston R GA legislator 202-225-5831
Knollenberg R MI legislator 202-225-5802
Kuhl (NY) R NY legislator 202-225-3161
Lamborn R CO legislator 202-225-4422
Latham R IA legislator 202-225-5476
LaTourette R OH legislator 202-225-5731
Latta R OH legislator 202-225-6405
Linder R GA legislator 202-225-4272
LoBiondo R NJ legislator 202-225-6572
Lucas R OK legislator 202-225-5565
Mack R FL legislator 202-225-2536
Manzullo R IL legislator 202-225-5676
Marchant R TX legislator 202-225-6605
McCarthy (CA) R CA legislator 202-225-2915
McCaul (TX) R TX legislator 202-225-2401
McCotter R MI legislator 202-225-8171
McHenry R NC legislator 202-225-2576
McMorris Rodgers R WA legislator 202-225-2006
Mica R FL legislator 202-225-4035
Miller (FL) R FL legislator 202-225-4136
Miller (MI) R MI legislator 202-225-2106
Moran (KS) R KS legislator 202-225-2715
Murphy, Tim R PA legislator 202-225-2301
Musgrave R CO legislator 202-225-4676
Myrick R NC legislator 202-225-1976
Neugebauer R TX legislator 202-225-4005
Nunes R CA legislator 202-225-2523
Paul R TX legislator 202-225-2831
Pearce R NM legislator 202-225-2365
Pence R IN legislator 202-225-3021
Petri R WI legislator 202-225-2476
Pitts R PA legislator 202-225-2411
Platts R PA legislator 202-225-5836
Poe R TX legislator 202-225-6565
Price (GA) R GA legislator 202-225-4501
Ramstad R MN legislator 202-225-2871
Rehberg R MT legislator 202-225-3211
Reichert R WA legislator 202-225-7761
Renzi R AZ legislator 202-225-2315
Rogers (MI) R MI legislator 202-225-4872
Rohrabacher R CA legislator 202-225-2415
Ros-Lehtinen R FL legislator 202-225-3931
Roskam R IL legislator 202-225-4561
Royce R CA legislator 202-225-4111
Sali R ID legislator 202-225-6611
Scalise R LA legislator 202-225-3015
Schmidt R OH legislator 202-225-3164
Sensenbrenner R WI legislator 202-225-5101
Shadegg R AZ legislator 202-225-3361
Shimkus R IL legislator 202-225-5271
Shuster R PA legislator 202-225-2431
Smith (NE) R NE legislator 202-225-6435
Smith (NJ) R NJ legislator 202-225-3765
Stearns R FL legislator 202-225-5744
Sullivan R OK legislator 202-225-2211
Terry R NE legislator 202-225-4155
Thornberry R TX legislator 202-225-3706
Tiahrt R KS legislator 202-225-6216
Tiberi R OH legislator 202-225-5355
Turner R OH legislator 202-225-6465
Walberg R MI legislator 202-225-6276
Wamp R TN legislator 202-225-3271
Westmoreland R GA legislator 202-225-5901
Whitfield (KY) R KY legislator 202-225-3115
Wittman (VA) R VA legislator 202-225-4261
Young (AK) R AK legislator 202-225-5765
Young (FL) R FL legislator 202-225-5961
If your representative isn't on this list, odds are they will vote for the bailout. Call them anyhow and try to get them to change their minds. The phone numbers for ALL US Congressmen and women can be found here. (The House websites are jammed up for some reason, you may need to look up the number in your telephone directory or by Googling your representative's name.)

Get on the telephone NOW. These cats will listen. Remember how we stopped the amnesty for illegal immigrants? Its time to tell your representative to start representing YOU.
To quote the great Lady Margaret Thatcher: “This is no time to go wobbly.”
Question: Why should we trust the Congress with the lowest approval rating that anyone can remember to pass a bill that is bigger in dollar numbers than any such bailout ever? Did you know how Congress arrived at the $700,000,000,000.00 figure? You won't believe it:
It's not based on any particular data point," a Treasury spokeswoman told Forbes.com Tuesday. We just wanted to choose a really large number.
Believe it. Tell your congress-cats not to vote for it.
Addendum: Melodramatic leftist billionaire Warren Buffet says the economy is undergoing an "economic Pearl Harbor". He doesn't complete his fear-mongering metaphor by clarifying just who is playing the role of the Japanese in his mind. I'll help him out: this sneak attack on the US free market system is coming from the treacherous leftists in Congress.

If this awful bill passes it will indeed be a day to be remembered in infamy.

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