November 10, 2008

Obama's change dot gov agenda "No longer operative"

All previous statements on Watergate are "no longer operative"
From the Washington Times: EXCLUSIVE: Agenda disappears from Obama Web site. First the 'community service' went from being compulsory to optional. Then other features of Barack Obama's website began to disappear. Now all of the 'guts' of the site which claims to originate from the non-existent but official sounding Office of the President Elect have been ripped out according to the Washington Times. Obama's minions say the site is being re-tooled.

For an interesting. if not frightening. insight into how Obama's supporters reacted to this piecemeal whitewashing of the web site, read the comments at these two posts over at the Gateway Pundit:
Barack's rabid tools are themselves presumably re-tooling today.
It doesn't matter. Obama is "ready to rule" with or without another duplicitous website.

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