September 24, 2010

Teresa Lewis Executed in Virginia

Small Anti-Death Penalty Protest
The death penalty is alive and well in Virginia. It seems Teresa Lewis conspired with a couple of other low-life types to have her husband and step-son murdered in the hope of collecting some insurance money. Hiring someone to commit murder is seen as more nefarious than doing the deed yourself, for reasons that elude me. In Teresa's case, she reportedly used sex to recruit at least one of the actual killers. To look at her makes me wonder how the jury bought that theory, she isn't what I would call a siren. At any event, Lewis was convicted and sentenced to die by lethal injection. Her co-conspirators, the ones that she met in a Walmart and enticed into shotgunning her victims, 'rolled over' on Teresa and got life sentences.

To read most of the news coverage one might get the impression that the execution took place despite a huge public outcry against the enormity of the "machinery of death in Virginia" snuffing out "the beautiful, childlike and loving human spirit of Teresa Lewis". In fact, only about a dozen protesters showed up at the prison, outnumbered by pro death penalty demonstrators and the press.

I think the death penalty serves a purpose. Even though I'm generally an anti-statist, the reality of the situation is that we don't have any other sensible way to get rid of those among us that commit truly heinous crimes. Sure, some folks will whine that executions cost society more than life sentences. If that is true it is only because the anti death penalty busybodies that have put so many roadblocks in the way of the legal process. And there is always a chance that life sentences might be commuted or that the perp might escape. The death penalty is final.

I also believe the death penalty serves as a deterrent, but you never hear of those murders that never happen, so deterrence can't really be proved. Common sense tells us that some would-be murderers consider the possibility of paying the ultimate price and make other plans.

It would be nice to think that common sense is making a comeback in America.


  1. Are you really back ... for certain sure??  Don't tease me now ....

    Seriously, welcome back , and know that I am more than thankful that you have turned back the ravages of disease ... not to mention that bugaboo of us all ... advanced senioritis. The blogosphere is a better place with you standing at least partially athwart it. Yeah, yeah ... I know about Facebook, but I just can't get astraddle the damned thing ... it smacks too muchly of or Aren'

    I of course disagree with you about the death penalty ... man shouldn't muck about in God's business in my opinion ... but I don't care to argue about it.  I agree with so many of your other positions that it would be silly to let Cap Pun become a divisive issue between two otherwise reasonably simpatico geezers.

    I've about given up blogging mahself --- seems like it has all been said (and said, and resaid). I write something, then, upon re-reading, I find it reminds me of all that other pap out there floating around ... who needs it? Sometimes saying nothing at all is the loudest noise we can make ... as least that makes sense to me for now.

    Hope your recovery holds and you go on to mighty and glorious deeds.


  2. I heard about the execution. Imagine that, walMart really IS, your one stop shopping center.

  3. Death penalty? I was for it, b4 I was again...still am. But hurry up, I'm dying before them. Lets see,

    It's been twenty years since the rulo retard berserk'd , ' hurry up, I'm dying befo'

  4. ...and the violins swell.

  5. Another Model Democrat gets a shot in the arm!!!!


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