June 10, 2006

David Hahn: Trade with Euro-socialists, not Cuban commies

¿Cuba, Nebraska, una Grande Libre?
Only in Nebraska have I found Democrat politicians that make good sense. I'm not endorsing David Hahn for Governor; I'm satisfied with Mr. Heineman. But that doesn't mean I'm going to be critical of everything Dave Hahn says.

I wasn't happy when Governor Heineman went to Cuba to deal soybeans to Fidel Castro. I found the idea of trading with the monster repugnant. We help prop up his cruel tyranny by trading with Cuba. This grinds salt into the wounds we have inflicted (by omission) on the Cuban people. Wounds we continue to inflict every day we allow that festering carbuncle on the Caribbean to continue breathing.

Dave Hahn thinks we should focus our energy on increasing exports to Europeans. They might be socialist ninnies, but at least they aren't actively trying to poison the rest of the world with their discredited Marxist Thought. Hahn, speaking to Platte County Democrats, is quoted in The Columbus Telegram on the subject:
Nebraska “recently sold some beans to Cuba,” he said, “but it is a small market and they are hard bargainers, and won't be profitable in the long term.”

Hahn said he would promote greater sales to European nations that would lead to greater benefits.
His reasoning is off kilter. What makes him think the Euros will buy our genetically modified beans? But the impetus is in the right direction. I wonder how Dave knows that the Cubans drive a hard bargain? Buying cigars while helping out with the sugar cane harvest?

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