July 26, 2006

Stop the war before Cindy Sheehan starves!

World Watches as Cindy Starves for Peace
Cindy Sheehan is into the fourth week of her pathetic hunger strike. Bush hasn't given in and called for the US to 'cut and run' in the War on Terror, so it looks like Cindy is doomed by her own stringent morality and finely honed discipline.

The inset photo above shows the Peace Mom's spare tire as it appeared on the streets of New York last March. She was so chubby the Plains feeder even used her accidently exposed belly fat in a "Guess What" game. Her jelly roll was so plump and white at that time that pictures of it were obscured in the Arabic press.

Now that Cindy has been fasting for nearly a month, the poor woman has lost the pleasing softness that drives Arabic men to distraction. See the picture above of her at a Code Pink demo outside some embassy or another in D.C. this week. She has become a scrawny husk, having lost her formerly voluptuous figure. If we don't pull out of Iraq soon, she will end up looking like her worst enemy before she dies for peace on the barricades .
Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the inspiration.

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