April 12, 2007

Green Meat fights Global Warming

Fight Global Warming- Eat Green Meat

Fatwa Vinnie's is where I first saw the story. Read his Vince aut Morire post about the USDA warning. A beef (and other meat) 'shortage' looms as a result of the diversion of corn from animal feed to the production of ethanol. Really it is a non-story, as I commented at Vinnie's: the economics are right out of Econ101, but everyone likes to plead ignorance of the law of supply and demand. Vinnie wants no knee-jerk reaction to an Al Gore driven global warming scare to stand between him and his frequent meals of flesh.

Nebraska is the Beef State. It may be one of the few places where the Porterhouse is still popular. The diversion of corn to ethanol production should be more of an economic wash here. Much of the 'extra cost' of higher meat prices will stay right here since we grow corn, feed cattle and produce ethanol. That just means Al Gore won't be able to price us out of our steak dinners; another, more insidious result still lurks. Green meat.

Since many feeders are going to to feed less corn, they will be substituting feedstuffs either normally too costly or of less quality. Beef won't taste the same. I like corn fed beef. It ain't the same as fish meal fed beef. Maybe this is how the PETA wingnuts are finally going to get Al Gore & His Followers on the vegetarian bandwagon. Green meat will taste so bad, nobody will want to eat it, not even big Al.

Thats all we need. More alliances in the axis of wacky.
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Addendum: I looked all over to find pictures or videos of Al Gore eating meat. There wasn't anything I thought was suitable, so I made the green porterhouse above. But Terry_Jim at the Lazy Half S Ranch found this old CNN story about Al Gore helping to grill "thick burgers, bulging sausages, chicken breasts and pork chops." Along with this great picture:

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