April 30, 2007

Naughty Moslem Girls

This week's cheesecake post is for our peace-loving Mohammedan friends. All of them aren't Koran-thumping Jihadi throat cutters. At least not all the time. The old feeder knows this because we get a number of hits every day from Mahometist countries that are clearly using the internets to look for pornography.

That is, when they aren't searching with key words like "anti islam hate group" on Google Image Search. Which gets them to this Plains Feeder post. I wonder if they think we really do stick signs on Moslems' backs here in Nebraska?

As for the Arabic language porno searchers, I'm logging their IP numbers. Perhaps their local authorities charged under Sharia law with discouraging vice and encouraging virtue will be interested. I hate to think what will happen to the ones that get caught leering at this post. Haram or makruh, it can't be good.

If you still want to see really naughty Peek-a-Burqa Mohammedan porn, first check out this Imam censored sample. Just to be sure.

Too Naughty for Moslem Boys
If you still want more of this stuff, click this Not-Safe-for-Anywhere site.

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