April 30, 2007

Show Hagel the Gate in '08

Amnesty Now!
From the McCook area's Southwest Nebraska News: the Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom have started a campaign to rid Nebraska politics of Senator Chuck Hagel. They (read: Doug Kagan, et al.) are calling it Show Hagel the Gate in '08 . According to the McCook paper, the reason for the campaign is Senator Hagel's collaboration with Ted Kennedy to give amnesty to illegal aliens. I can think of more reasons to dump Chuck, but hey, one is enough.
BTW: The catch-phrase "Show Hagel the Gate in '08" has been on Doug Kagan's mind for some time. I'm guessing this is his comment at Ankle Biting Pundits last year. Doug wants to see Fred Thompson as our next President. His NTF outfit also has a Gun Owner's Rights section. Heck, I'll put him on the blogroll.
Robert Novak, on the other hand, has written a truly sickening puff piece about Senator Hagel. Talk about Washington cats being out of touch. From the Senate2008Guru:
Robert "Count Chocula" Novak presents Chuck Hagel with this super-softball column, offering another indication that the DC-GOP establishment is behind him as state AG Jon Bruning gains steam in his possible primary challenge. Unfortunately for Hagel, I don't think Novak votes in the NE-GOP primaries.
I think its high time Senator Hagel disclosed how much he is paying for haircuts these days.
Vintage Hagel: the 2000 election. Mighty rare.
Updated: Read the most poignant, heart-wrenching story ever written about Chuck Hagel: Myra MacPherson's The private war of Chuck and Tom Hagel at Salon.com. You will feel so sorry for Chuck you might want to vote for him again. To me it is just more of the same old wah-wah from the Sad Sack Senator from Nebraska.

The story is reprinted in this nauseating venue, Veterans for Progress. More like Veterans for Cryptosocialism, if you ask me. Fah!

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